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BLOG: Bella's Studio Online

BELL’S Studio: Are you looking for a one-stop shop: an outstanding Salon Hair Stylist that also sale high end hair and accessories? If you are in or near the Cordova, South Carolina area; look no further than Bella’s Studio (now online at

Bella’s have what you need in high end hair and hairstyles.

WEBSITE: Visit Bella’s Studio on the web at to book an appointment or to shop.

WEBSITE MEMBERS: Joining Bella’s website gives members access to big savings through Bella’s Coupons, which all website members receive monthly via email. Members also receive updates and Blogs on what’s new with Bella’s Studio. No matter if it is discounts on hair, or hairstyles; as a member of Bella’s Studio Website you will always be in the loop.

DOWNLOADABLE APP: Download Bella’s Studio app to your Apple or Android phone to stay even more updated. Bella’s App allows you to receive notifications instantly. Anytime a new sale is launched, you will hear the notification bell letting you know what’s new at Bella’s Studio. Download it today from the website. Just go to and click on “Download App” in the menu.


The One-Stop Shop for High End Hair and Creative Beauty

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